Celebrate National Chocolate Week with Carved Angel
...because sometimes we need an excuse to indulge

By Emily Hirschmann

For me, chocolate is an integral part of a healthy diet – there’s nary a circular meal that can’t be made square by the addition of a chocolate pudding, or a slab of cake – but I’m told that mine is not a widely held belief. For those who adhere to the conviction that chocolate is an excess too far for the maintenance of a svelte figure, there needs to be an excuse to dip their toes (or more probably, tongues) into the waters of pleasure... Thank goodness then, for National Chocolate Week (October 8th-14th 2012).
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Taste Test... Celebrate National Chocolate Week with Carved Angel

There are myriad forms in which this sublime substance presents itself, but if the luxury is a rarity, then the occasion should be marked with quality. So forget your high street bars and your up-market truffles, turn instead to the delectable delights of The Carved Angel, and in particular to their Gold ‘Sensation’ Chocolate Spread. Available in three fabulous flavours – cherry, clementine and mango – the Sensation collection marries handcrafted chocolate with top quality fruit to create a taste spectacular you’ll never forget. Rich, smooth and gorgeously creamy with a delectable fruity tang, Sensation is not just tasty, but versatile too, ideal for tarting up your toast, sprucing up your sponges, melting down for dapper dipping, or my personal favourite – shovelling in with a spoon!

If, on the other hand, you would like your calorie intake to go no further than your nose, you can rely upon Potters Crouch Candles to deliver a fattening fragrance to soothe your senses. Available in a tin that provides a 50 hour assault upon your salivary glands, Potters Crouch Chocolate Caramel is the acme of olfactory indulgence.

So, whether you’re sniffing it in or sucking it up, I wish you one and all, a very happy Chocolate Week and many many happy returns.

Carved Angel Gold ‘Sensation’ Chocolate Spread is £4.50 per 215g pot and available from www.thecarvedangel.com

Potters Crouch Candles Chocolate Caramel is £8.50 and available from www.potterscrouchcandles.co.uk

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