Wallett’s Court Hotel - Kent
Wallett’s Court Country House, Hotel, Westcliffe, Dover, Kent, CT15 6EW
+44 (0)1304 852424

Review by Sarah Jappy

Sleepover...  Hotel Review: Wallett’s Court Hotel - KentAs we drive down the gravel path that leads to Wallett’s Court Hotel, I fuss with my hair, check my mascara isn’t smudged and touch my dress to make sure I’m suitably buttoned up and respectable. It’s not that my boyfriend and I indulged in a fruity frolic on the drive from London to Dover, it’s just that the hotel looks like a country club, with its immaculate white walls, flower-sprinkled gardens and emerald swathe of lawn. Being a naturally scruffy type, I feel the need to sharpen up a bit. All presentable and correct, we assemble our baggage and walk through the garden to reception.

Inside, the receptionist is on the phone, giving me a chance to take a cheeky peek at the bar, which looks like an upmarket pub, with its warm yellow hues, squashy chairs and sofas. An open fireplace whispers of cosy possibilities: aperitifs and LBDs at cocktail o’clock, sitting back and loosening the waistband after feasting in the restaurant, mulled wine sipped slowly while perusing the papers.

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Sleepover...  Hotel Review: Wallett’s Court Hotel - KentResisting the urge to test out Wallett Court’s take on the G&T, we are shown to our boudoir, which is one of fourteen rooms located in converted farm buildings: hay barns, stables, cow sheds. There are also three four poster pads in the main building, but our room, Number 9, is in the Dairy block. It’s a simple white space, with not much room to swing a cat in - though why you’d ever want to do that anyway is beyond me. The double bed has no duvet, so I hope for a warm night. Failing that I’ll stake out a patch by the fire. There is a tiny sitting room behind the bed, perfect for parents with little ‘uns in tow, although I have a momentary panic when I rifle through the tea and coffee supplies and realise there’s no biscuits.

Luckily, we’re booked in to the restaurant for dinner, so I don’t need to reach for my inhaler. Calm is fully restored with a massage in the treatment rooms overlooking the rolling fields –though I feel self-conscious for the second time in one day when clusters of shaggy fleeced sheep eyeball me balefully as I strip for my massage.

After a quick soak in the Jacuzzi, and a pore-opening session in the steam room, it’s time to dress for dinner. Our meal is long, lingering and luscious, and not for the first time, we’re the last couple left in the warm, relaxing, fragrant restaurant. Thank God our room is just a stroll away. Who needs biscuits when there’s foie gras and peach melba close at hand?

Rates: Standard double rooms start from £129, including a Full English breakfast and full use of the spa from 2pm onwards on the day of arrival.

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