Nespresso’s new trio of Citiz coffee machines
Written by Annabelle Hood

News... Taste Test: Nespresso’s new trio of Citiz coffee machinesThink your kitchen is too small to store a proper coffee maker? Think again! The sleek new Swiss-designed Nespresso CitiZ range consists of a trio of superslim machines which slide discreetly beside existing kitchen appliances, be it your toaster or water filter. (If space is a real issue, Nespresso’s clever wall presentation units are another natty way to store the 12-strong range of colour-coded coffee capsules).

These machines couldn’t be simpler to use and are perfect for the non-techi minded. Simply press either the single espresso or ‘lungo’ button, and the perfect shot of coffee is yours in 25 seconds. If you’re one of the 85% of UK coffee drinkers who take milk, just activate your Aeroccino+ for either a frothy cappuccino, or a silk-smooth latte finish.

Coffee snobs who shun pre-dosed coffee pods for their own home-ground beans are in for a surprise: It’s not commonly known that Nespresso actually use the top 1-2% highest quality coffee beans available in the world. 95% of their blends consist of premium Arabica beans, with their characteristically aromatic, fruity tones (coffee buffs will know Arabica is more about balanced acidity than bitterness) – the remaining 5% uses Robusta beans for an extra full-bodied kick.

Each pod contains the exact measure of coffee to guarantee a perfect cup of coffee every time. It's a good sign that luxury hotels like Claridges and top restaurants from the The Fat Duck to China Tang swear by their Nespressos).

But the best news is that the price of these streamlined beauties made by Krups and Magimix, start at a skinny £129 (consider the investment compared to splashing £3 on a takeout latte!).

The Nespresso CitiZ, CitiZ&Milk and CitiZ&Co coffee makers are on sale nationwide from Selfridges in London and Manchester. Available in ‘fire engine’ red, ‘retro white’ and ‘limousine’ black. Log on to for details of how to join the Nespresso Club, which boasts 1.5million coffee-quaffing members.

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