Yoconut – A Young Coconut

Yoconut – A Young Coconut Premier Lifestyles Ltd based in Newcastle Upon Tyne UK has launched a fresh pre-peeled Young Coconut they have branded Yoconut.

The Yoconut comes completely peeled, meaning there isn’t any tough husk or hard shell only a pure white flesh which protects one of the most important characteristics of the Yoconut: the fresh pure coco water. This sweet, invigorating healthy water is so rightly called the “Liquid of Life”.

Because the water is still in its natural container it has no additives or preservatives so when we say pure we mean 100% pure.

A Yoconut contains between 250 and 300 ml of the purest coco water. The flesh of the Yoconut is so soft that a straw could be pushed through so you can drink the water directly from its protective shelter. Just think when drinking a Yoconut you will be drinking one of the purest liquids on this planet; it is untouched or contaminated by any human hands.

The Yoconut is believed to help control the body’s natural fluid levels to help maintain proper blood pressure, circulation, kidney functions, digestion, and liver functions. Yoconut is a natural isotonic drink, nothing can rehydrate you better after a sweaty workout than pure water from a Yoconut, and then you have the extra bonus that you can eat the container.

Premier Lifestyles Ltd is offering this product around Europe for wholesale and as a business opportunity!

For more information visit www.yoconut.com

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