Villa Maria Wines: Fireside treats
Review by Faye Coulman

Ideal for those seeking the finest liquid indulgences, Villa Maria’s award-winning wines produce an extraordinarily refined, sensory overload. From berry-laden Pinot Noir to the fragrant, tropical exuberance of Sauvignon Blanc, these prestigious offerings cater to every conceivable palate and special occasion.
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Drink... Taste Test: Villa Maria Wines: Fireside treats

Hailing from the temperate climes of New Zealand, the Reserve Pinot Noir’s intoxicating, cherry bouquet and clove-tinged warmth is the exquisite end result of minimal grape handling and painstakingly natural cultivation. Unsurprisingly, this New World wonder was awarded gold medal status at the 2009 Perth Royal Wine Show and 2008’s International Wine and Spirit Competition. A mere glance at its impenetrable, crimson hue reveals an unmistakably complex character, featuring the aroma of fresh cherries and smooth, dark fruits finished with a warming hit of spice. The Pinot Noir’s classically delicate flavours and velvety texture make it a versatile match with a broad spectrum of foods, including pork, chicken and mushrooms. French cuisine is also a favoured accompaniment among wine lovers.

Evoking an altogether sunnier disposition, the Villa Maria Reserve Wairau Sauvignon Blanc is a sumptuously exotic affair with its passion fruit perfume and gorgeous, faintly gilded clarity. Ideal as an elegant aperitif, the wine’s crisp, palate-cleansing attributes remain pleasingly apparent on the tongue following consumption. Where other whites border on bewildering sweetness or coarse abrasiveness, the Sauvignon Blanc’s diverse, tropical palate is neatly tempered by zesty lime and gooseberry nuances for carefully balanced acidity. It is delicious sampled alongside fish, shellfish, poultry and cheese-based appetisers. Testament to the Marlborough region’s rising reputation for Sauvignon Blanc production, this delightfully fruity wine is an indispensable addition to any wine enthusiast’s table.

Showcasing a myriad of warming, refreshing and consistently enticing flavours, Villa Maria looks set to continue its thirty-year stint of winemaking excellence.

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