Cockburn’s Light Dry White Port
Review by Faye Coulman

Drink... Taste Test: Cockburn’s Light Dry White PortIts lush, amber hue evocative of lingering, sun-drenched afternoons, dry white port is the ultimate in sophisticated, summer refreshment. Unconventional, yet infinitely palatable, this ultra-modern offering features a seamless blend of zesty notes and Cockburn’s trademark, full-bodied sweetness. Showcasing floral freshness on the nose, an initial sip reveals a veritable symphony of flavour, as bracing dryness unravels toward fruit-laden warmth, underscored by honeysuckle-like nuances.

A clean bitterness remains on the tongue thereafter, making for extensively pleasurable consumption. Indeed, this exceptionally well-rounded impression on the palate may be largely attributed to Cockburn’s meticulous, three-year ageing techniques. While some consumers may favour the berry-tinged complexity of traditional tawny and vintage varieties, white port’s compatibility with both tonic and liquor provides a limitless selection of mouth-watering cocktail options.

A simple slice of lemon alone does much to complement the delicate aromas within, while the addition of tonic water creates a sublimely smooth update on the more abrasive, quintessentially English G&T. Widely consumed in Portugal and fondly referred to as “porto-tonic”, the effervescence of this delicious long drink suitably enhances the port’s citric traits. Applying a dramatically different principle of flavour, peach liqueur enriches its irresistible honeyed taste for a truly decadent, seasonal aperitif. In addition to more complex cocktail recipes, the classic kir also witnesses an extravagant revival with the substitution of standard white wine (traditionally mixed with crème de cassis) for the Cockburn’s.

With its prominent acidity, dry white port proves the perfect accompaniment to desserts of a similar ilk, namely orange and apple-based confections. As is customary of the port family, cheese is a particularly enjoyable counterpart, as well as the likes of smoked ham and foie gras.

The ideal accessory to picnic hamper and dinner party alike, this refreshingly unique product shall doubtless garner praise from port enthusiasts across the globe.

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